Raging Thunder Cairns Hot Air Ballooning

“Balooning with Raging Thunder”

trip_advisor_5_star_ratingLast Saturday I went ballooning with Raging Thunder and just have one word for it: AWESOME! The crew was amazing - everything was organised perfectly and when we arrived in the Mareeba valley the balloon was getting filled up for us. Before the sun was rising we jumped int the basket, got a picture made with our private cam and after a short safety briefing we went up, up, up. It was spectacular watching the sunrise. I wanted to know everything and the pilot was answering all my questions - I have the feeling I am a balloon pilot myself now. :)He was hilarious funny which makes the ride even more joyful. The lading was so gently that the little wallaby at the ground was almost not realizing us - we almost drop on its head. The ground staff was even more funny than the pilot and I really enjoyed to pack up the ballon with all these giggles and jokes. This is an extraordinary experience and a memory for life. I absolutely loved it!!!! If you have any chance - do it!!!! Cheers Sandra :)

“excellent ballooning experience!”

trip_advisor_5_star_ratingI ride on this ballooning experience this August. There are two balloon companies in Cairns. I was lucky to choose the right one. We arrived the launch site around 6AM and the ground crews are all ready to send us to the basket. Then the pilot did a briefing about the safety issues and the route. Then we launched. It was so exciting! We raised up to 4000 ft and then we can see the sun rise from the horizon and the foggy spread around the farm ground and the river. It was so quiet in the air. We flight around 40 minutes (the tour brochure says 30 minutes fly) then landed on a farm. We can see the other company 's(Hot Air) balloon was still pumping and hasn't launched yet. We were lucky to choose Raging Thunder and can see so beautiful attractions and didn't miss the sun rise. I also appreciate the crews, they are so helpful and friendly to us.  

“Unbeatable, amazing experience!”

trip_advisor_5_star_ratingWe took my brother hot air ballooning for his 21st birthday and had a brilliant time! The staff were brilliant and really made it an experience for everyone to remember. I cannot fault a single thing! We are Cairns locals, so the scenery was nothing new but I still recommend the experience to everyone! You'll love it - even if you are afraid of heights! Thank-you Raging Thunder!!  

“What a perfect way to start your day”

trip_advisor_5_star_ratingMy friend and I did this activity and it was really good. Our day started at 4.15am for pick up from our accommodation and then around one hour trip to (?) Mareeba valley. Our captain was very professional and I am not a fan of heights but surprisingly, the crew's demeanor made feel relaxed and enjoyed the whole trip. It was so magical to seen the rising sun as the hot air balloon gently floats over Mareeba valley.  

“Best Balloon Experience”

trip_advisor_5_star_ratingSteve & his crew are hands down the best! We took the sunrise 1hr flight. We were picked up at our hotel and even though I am scared of heights it was the most AMAZING experience you could ask for! Steves' piloting experience is second to none, I was made to feel very relaxed and at ease with unforgettable scenery and breathtaking views. A MUST DO! Mareeba and the Atherton Tablelands are a must see on your trip. Best place on earth to go ballooning thanks to the (on average) 300 days of sunshine per year & stable wind conditions. Take a jacket,bring your camera and have breakfast before you leave as your pick is about 4.15am & they will drop you back into Cairns at about 9.30am. Extras: Get the photo package its worth it (it comes on a usb) & ALWAYS take the longer 1hr ride, you'll be left exhilarated and giddy with happiness!  

“Amazing !!”

trip_advisor_5_star_ratingWe took a dawn balloon ride with raging thunder whilst we were in Cairns. Having booked it we then kept wondering why??? Why became apparent as we floated along at 6,000ft and the sun rose. Oh wow, it was the most amazing experience and although neither of us are keen on heights, we found ourselves looking over the basket to see what was going on below and we were lucky enough to see a field of kangaroos running and leaping about. It was magical and although we were really tired all day (having got up at 3.30am) we couldnt get the smiles off our faces. It wasnt even on our bucket list and yet we now wonder why not. Just do it, you won't be sorry  

“breathtaking experience”

trip_advisor_5_star_ratingmy boyfriend booked the 30min flight for my birthday and we absolutely loved every second of it. the early wake-up (pick up time was 4am) is defo worth it, you'll forget about that anyway once your up in the air enjoying the sunrise and stunning view! make sure you wrap up in some warm clothes and closed shoes as you have to walk over fields before and after the flight. I can really recommend this activity and would love to do it all over again!  

“Pretty cool my wife loved it I was not as terrified as I thought”

trip_advisor_5_star_ratingIt's was my wife's dream to go in an hot air balloon and my nightmare. I am scared of heights but it was not that bad actually very relaxing. You think being 4000 feet in the air in a basket would be scarier but it was not at all. We got lucky on our tour we had very thick cloud cover so we could not land so instead of 30 min we were up in the balloon for 90 min. When the clouds cleared we got a great view of the table lands and saw tons of wallabies hopping around. It was cool.

“Wonderful balloon ride! Friendly staff!”

trip_advisor_5_star_ratingThis is my first review on Tripadvisor, I feel that I owe Raging Thunder Cairns Ballooning tour staff some nice words to thank them for their great service. We are very happy with this balloon ride, the view was spectacular, well worth the time and the money.


trip_advisor_5_star_ratingWe were on the second run and thought we'd missed the sunrise, but it rose as we went up. The staff and crew were incredible and a lot of fun to hang out with. The ride was sooooo amazing! If you are not sure about doing it - do it!! It was beautiful, serene, peaceful and the landing was so smooth! Saw a ton of roos too! Because our captain (what do you call the guy who operates a hot air balloon??) couldn't get the right winds we ended up with a one hour ride. One of the highlights of our trip (and we did some amazing things down under!!)  

“Watching the sunrise – from a hot air balloon, floating 4000ft above the ground. What an experience!!”

trip_advisor_5_star_ratingI booked this as a surprise for my boyfriend. It was a wonderful way to celebrate our anniversary. The staff are absolutely fantastic and made the trip as much as the hot air balloon ride itself. We were picked-up right on time and had a peaceful trip up the winding hill to the tablelands. We had a lovely guide called Minok who is an absolute asset to Raging Thunder. Her friendliness & professionalism was outstanding! When we arrived in Mareeba we were met by more of the Raging Thunder staff – The driver Neill was very informative and went through every step of the process- which was really cool as I had never seen a Hot Air balloon before let alone watched the whole process from blowing up the balloon to the point that we were sailing away watching the cars get smaller & smaller.


trip_advisor_5_star_ratingI was lucky enough to pick this Tour Group... Wow... I did this trip yesterday 21/8/13.. I am a solo traveller, and the staff firstly were amazing, funny, helpful (extremely helpful in my case) THANX Harry .. The views were unbelievable.. It was so calming. Unreal.. Seriously am lost for words.. Meet great people (Donna & Chris) If you no sure who to go with I totally recommend Raging Thunder ballooning Tour.. PS: I can't believe you only have a small amount of reviews.. THANX guys for making my trip magical... Woo Hoo
Visited August 2013